Single Family Home


We occasionally get calls requesting working drawings based on a design package they found on the internet. This project in Half Moon Bay began in this way. This is an example of how a custom house tailored to a client's personal desires and needs can be created with a limited budget.

We worked to create a design that fits the landscape, climate, and ambiance of the community. Our fees for design, working drawings, design review, Coastal Commission review came to 2.5% of the overall construction budget.

Why pick out a cookie-cutter generic design when you can have a design of your dreams, and cultivate a personal partnership with a design professional? This project demonstrates how diverse culture (European, American & Chinese) can be embraced in creating a beautiful, functional, energy efficient and superbly detailed family home.

Every set of plans available off the internet must additionally need to be engineered for our seismically active region, energy/heat loss requirements that affect designs, local design review and municipal codes.


Bing Du Exterior 1
Bing Du Interior 2