Since 1980, we have brought practical and cost-saving design concepts to the Bay Area.

We are committed to helping families and seniors use space more efficiently so they may stay in their homes.  Simply re-configuring existing space can bring functional harmony to where you live.


What We Offer:

Brockob Design Group offers complete design and renovation services:

  • Money-saving design concepts
  • Pre-purchase consultations
  • Project management from initial concept to final inspection
  • Complete engineered permit drawings
  • Swift permitting & neighborhood review (if required)

We are available to you anytime in person, by telephone or email for a general discussion of your project.  Please reach out to us:


Phone: 415-447-7992

If you are contemplating buying an apartment or home, we can assist you with assessing its condition and estimating costs for the changes you wish to make.  A typical assessment can run from 3 - 10 hours depending on the complexity of the building and what you propose to do. In our experience this has proven to be vital to those needing a quick assessment. A few hours of time with us might save you much potential frustration.

Our strength as a small personal team is to assist you with developing innovative designs, while reflecting your budget and the unique qualities of the existing space. Once we have provided the designs needed to make your space work, you may choose to take over the project from there. We work with many clients in this way. The design phase may take a few hours to several weeks, depending on the complexity of your project.

With over 30 years of building experience, we can be clear with you early-on about the possible costs for construction. We feel it is important to be open and creative in exploring design possibilities, but also informative of costs. Before developing working drawings for builders, the anticipated costs of the project should be clear.

We work with you and the complexity of your project to produce solid, communicative documents for officials and builders. These include floor plans, elevations, perspectives, details and specifications. An efficient and workable design may require structural changes to the building and we provide all structural calculations and documents.

We assist you in selecting and negotiating prices with builders. This is a fundamentally important element in the success of your project. We can save you time, money and future frustration by assisting you in finding the right people to do the work and making sure they fully understand the nature of your renovation.

For the project to run smoothly it is essential that it be monitored often. A weekly visit and brief meeting with builders can prevent major mistakes from happening. We also let you know what has been completed for proper payment to be made.

After 30 years of building experience, we know how to fully run a project from beginning to end. We also provide follow-up once you have moved in to be sure everything is functioning for you. Since we worked with you in creating the design and all the documents for construction, we can be of great value in building and general contracting your project. Depending on the complexity and budget for the project, our services for general contracting range from 7% to 10% of the cost of the completed project. This is well below what you would typically pay a general contractor. We can do this because we know intimately your design and expectations. We have also generated the building documents.

In general, we work with clients in 2 ways:
1) A fixed hourly rate billed bi-monthly, or
2) An agreed-upon fixed price, billed 1/3 at conception of agreement, 1/3 approximately halfway through construction and 1/3 upon completion.

Building in the San Francisco Bay Area can be difficult. Once you decide to embark on this journey, though it is rewarding, realize that it can be stressful and taxing. Finding competent, dependable and affordable workers is a challenge. Because of our service orientation to our clients, and commitment to communication and follow-through, we can maximize the quality of the work and minimize the severity of potential problems. If you choose to work with us, be assured that we will be with you every step of the way.