All his life Bob has been explaining to people why his combined passions for psychology and architecture are not incompatible. Isn't architecture really about people and how we use space? Isn't it important to have listening skills and understand something about family dynamics when designing homes and apartments? So after teaching psychology on the university level for 10 years, including a year at St. Andrews University in Scotland, at the age of 35, he left the protected tenured life and re-entered the field of architecture.

Family photo Aurerbach 2.jpg

Bob, Diane & Max Brockob
Auerbach Schloss, Bensheim, Germany

Bob's strength in the design field is his ability to listen to client's wants and needs. With his extensive building experience, he is also able to understand what can physically be done with the space. His skill comes through harmonizing client's needs with the existing space through innovative and "think outside the box" design.

Bob has worked with excellence in a diversity of styles including French neoclassic, art deco, post modern, traditional Japanese and arts and crafts. He has designed everything from apartment and loft conversions, small home additions with low budgets to grand residences, to historic landmarks and restaurants. Much of his work has been published. (see JAPANESE HOME)

He traveled to Paris in 1998 to research classical French interiors for his restoration of the famous Jack's restaurant in San Francisco. (see JACKS RESTAURANT) He was back in France in 2002 traveling the countryside of Normandy in search of authentic details for a traditional Norman style residence he was designing in the wine country of northern California.

He moved to San Francisco in 1980 to design a compound of 3 Japanese styled residences. These were published in Authentic Home, the largest architectural journal in Japan. Bob continues his fascination with Japan through study and design of the Japanese tea house. On a crisp fall morning in 1992, he floated his tea house known as "True Emptiness" on the Chicago River through canyons of skyscrapers, as host and guests from Japan and U.S. shared a simple bowl of tea. It was a perfect morning as if a leaf had gently fallen upon the river and floated with the current. (see TEA HUT).

Bob has a Bachelors Degree from Colorado University combining architecture and psychology and a Masters Degree from The University of Chicago in social psychology.He has taught at Columbia College, Northeastern Illinois University, St. Andrews University and lectured at The Art Institute of Chicago.

What Does Diane Do?

This photo is dated as evidenced by the non-cordless phone.

This photo is dated as evidenced by the non-cordless phone.

Diane brings her science and technical background to our practice with a Masters of Science degree from UNR, and 10 years of experience with design work.  Diane provides the working drawings and documents necessary for communicating to officials and builders.  She also can produce 3-D generated drawings that aid in the design process and help you visualize your project.

As a husband and wife team we are able to relate more fully to your needs. We understand the interpersonal dynamics so vital to good design. Because our clients always lead us into new design territory, we enjoy getting to know you and your unique projects.

Bob opening a roof for a skylight at one of his loft conversions